Dog Boarding and Daycare

Finding someone reliable to take care of your dog when you go on holiday or when you travel for work is not easy. Our team of trained staff and pet caretakers are available 24X7 to care for your dog. At Wag-ville, your dog gets to have a holiday while you […]

Training & Behavior Modification

Many a pet is given up due to owners being unable to manage the pets, mostly due to a lack of understanding how to raise a dog or access to the right kind of training or behaviour modification support. Learning how to handle a new puppy, training your hyperactive dog […]

Swimming and Hydrotherapy

Dogs are natural swimmers, and swimming is a great way for them to let out pent-up energy, while also providing them a good amount of exercise. Hydrotherapy (therapy in water) is often recommended by vets in order to treat conditions ranging from arthritis, to hip dysplasia and many more.Playing pool […]