Many a pet is given up due to owners being unable to manage the pets, mostly due to a lack of understanding how to raise a dog or access to the right kind of training or behaviour modification support.

Learning how to handle a new puppy, training your hyperactive dog on basic commands, teaching your dog basic house manners, training your dog to walk comfortably on leash without pulling, etc can be quite a daunting task for even an experienced dog owner.

Dealing with difficult canine behaviour issues like separation anxiety, constant barking, constantly seeking attention etc., is even more challenging.

At Wag-Ville our certified canine behaviourists and dog trainers believe in involving the dog owner in all training and behaviour modification, thereby helping owners and dogs not only to understand how to work with each other but also build a lasting bond based on mutual trust. Training and behaviour modification methods used at Wag-Ville are entirely based on positive techniques, and heavily involve the owners in the reinforcement process.