The ability to control a horse as well as one’s own body inspires self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork.

Horseback riding helps develop posture, strength and flexibility while also teaching the rider important teamwork and cooperation skills, while developing all-round confidence. Best of all, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which creates a special relationship between rider and horse and promotes personal challenges.

Riders not only learn to ride the horse but also learn how to bond with horses through various activities. Typically, we cover the below activities:

  1. Acquainting and initial introduction to horses and their behaviour:
    • How to mount and dismount
    • Walking
    • Trotting
    • Cantering
    • Basic horse grooming skills
    • Learning how to maintain tack and equipment
    • Learning how to feed horses etc.
  2. Advanced riding lessons including dressage, show jumping etc are available on request.
  3. Children and adults riding for the first time are encouraged to take a few trial sessions ahead of signing up for lessons
  4. Fun rides are also available for those who want to experience the feeling of sitting on a horse

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