At Wag-ville we follow gentle reward based positive reinforcement techniques of training which are not only fun for your dog but also much more effective than traditional fear-based training methods.

From puppy obedience training to behavior correction sessions to puppy parenting lessons, our canine behaviorists have you covered.

We have various packages to suit your requirements, from basic obedience on to house discipline, socializing and much more. Our training methodologies based on positive reinforcement brings our the best in your pet and also ensure that your pet and you not only enjoy training together, but also form an everlasting bond.

New puppy selection

We help new dog parents make a choice of suitable breeds that go with their lifestyle, and also conduct behavioral and temperament assessments for puppies in advance of buying or adopting a new pet.

Basic obedience training

Our customized obedience training packages include teaching the dog to walk on a loose leash, basic house manners like not jumping on guests and furniture, not running out of the door, listening to important commands like sit, down, stay etc, effective socialization and much more. Training a dog well helps not only living comfortably with your pet, but also helps you develop a lifelong bond with your dog.

Agility training

Pet dogs have no more purpose in our homes than waiting for their meals and waiting for their masters to come back and play with them each day. With overly busy schedules, it is very often difficult for owners to spend much quality time doing a lot of physical activities with their pets, often leading to both behavioural as well as physical issues in pets.

A great way to get a dog to behave better, calm down, and stay fit is to begin agility lessons. Agility lessons include weaving through poles, moving through tunnels, walking on ramps, negotiating steps and much more.

Agility sessions can be done for dogs that are over a year old and in good health as confirmed by a vet.

Show dog training

Do you have a certified thoroughbred dog, that you would like to show in dog shows? Showing a dog involves gaiting (walking a dog on  a lead), stacking, physical examination of the dog and much more, all to be performed in front of a likely audience of a few throusand people, in a new place, with several other dogs around.

Show dog training requires not only a high amount of discipline but also a great amount of conditioning and socialization in order to ensure your dog can perform as required in front of a large noisy crowd in a highly excitable atmosphere.

Our show dog training packages help bring out the star in your show dog.

Behaviour correction consultation

Are you having trouble with any particular issues or behaviour of your pet, or generally require counselling around managing your pet? Our canine behaviourists will help you by analysing the situation and suggesting corrective measures for the same.