While we would love to take our pets out on vacations with us, it is not always possible. So why not give your pet a vacation too?

When sent to Wag-ville your pet gets to have loads of fun!

If your dog is well socialized and enjoys the company of other dogs, then he / she gets to play all day in the huge dog parks, retiring in the evenings to individual  clean, airy, really large pens (5×10 feet each) and  8×10 pens for extra large dogs, where dogs of any size can be comfortable.

However, if your dog prefers to keep to himself / herself, then it will spend the day relaxing and sunning itself in the pen, and will get taken out separately at intervals for walking and playing.

Should your want to treat your dog to an even better holiday, you can also book a Spa or Grooming package and perhaps throw in a couple of swims to ensure your dog is not only in great shape, but has as great a holiday as you have had.

Overnight boarding includes:

  • Home cooked meals
  • Administration of medicines and supplements as required
  • All day play in spacious parks
  • Tons of TLC

We also share regular updates through videos and pictures.

Should you need to go on an extended vacation, or a work assignment that does not let you travel with your pet, we have options for long term boarding as well.

Your pet will spend time with other boarders doing several fun things in a day to ensure he / she does not get homesick.

During an extended stay with us, we ensure that your pet is well looked after, including handling any required routine medical check-ups and grooming.

While you are away at work, is your pet getting enough socialization and exercise? Drop him over for a  fun day with us – playing around with other pooches and getting pampered by our loving staff, and take home a happily exhausted dog.

You could also choose to combine some of our training packages with day care in order to ensure that your dog’s time is used constructively.

Boarding for post operative care, special needs dogs and geriatric dogs

Caring for a pet that is recovering from a surgery, a special needs dog or a geriatric (senior) dog can be an extremely stressful for pet parents.

Our staff can take care of administering medication, special diet food and supplements, changing dressings, and even taking the dog for post-surgery check-ups.

Having a Veterinary Paramedic on board, makes Wag-ville specially equipped to deal with dogs with special physical needs as well as elderly geriatric dogs of varying physical capabilities, caring for them with utmost love and affection.


Safety of their pet is the biggest concern for any pet parent, especially when away. While we have a veterinary paramedic available at all times, our staff is trained in Canine First Aid as well as CPR. We are also connected with several on-calls vets and veterinary hospitals in order to handle emergencies at any time.

At Wag-ville, we also ensure that vaccinations of all dogs are upto-date prior to boarding, and dogs are checked to ensure they are not carrying ticks, fleas or any contagious diseases. Dogs that are ill, in season or found to be carrying ticks are immediately quarantined and attended to. We also have in place rigorous pest control procedures to ensure our facility is parasite free.


The daily routine of a dog that is boarding at Wag-ville is as below:

6:30 AM – Wake up time

7: 30 AM – Feeding time

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Park time, daily health checkup

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Afternoon siesta, afternoon meal for pups

3:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Park time

7:00 PM – Evening meal

7:30 PM – Bed time