In today’s world not a lot of children get a chance to interact with animals regularly, unless their family has the ability to own a pet.

Children have much to learn from animals – like compassion, care and respect for other creatures. Our animal interaction sessions for children is the perfect way to get children up close with dogs and horses as well as other farm animals.

Our in-house dogs and horses are especially trained to work with children, and children can have a fun time doing several interesting activities like feeding the animals, grooming them and playing interesting games with them.

These sessions are also great for families who do not own pets, but would like their children to interact with pets in a natural environment.

We also organize unique packages for schools that make for great field trips where children can learn more about horses and dogs and other farm animals, and get comfortable around animals, while spending time out in the open. Activities for school groups can be customized based on the age-group of the children, size of the group and special requirements of the school.